Fit Mind Cleveland

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Position: Mental Health Therapist

Requirements: We require therapist to be licensed in the state of Ohio. We require a LISW, PCC, Licensed Psychologist and 4 plus years experience in counseling field. Flexible hours are available, Part-time 10-15 hours/week, Full time 20-35 hours/week

Benefits: Flexible work hours, opportunity for diversifying experience in a small business environment. This is an independent contractor position. A background check will occur upon hiring.

Position Summary:

The therapist will diagnose mental health disorders, complete diagnostic assessments, create a treatment plan, conduct individual, family, and couples counseling and be responsible for all paperwork involved. Must have knowledge of community resources, competent oral/written skills and be able to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.


Clinical therapists work with their clients by actively listening to what the patient says. Therapists must be compassionate and sympathetic to their patients' issues. Communication skills are also key. These professionals must be motivated to assess problems and identify an approach to treatment. Therapists must be able to draw conclusions based upon facts gathered during assessment.


Clinical therapists interact one-on-one with their clients. After an initial intake consultation, therapists assess issues and identify treatment goals. As therapists continue to meet with their patients, continued assessment is performed and new treatment strategies may be developed. Clinical therapists must operate under all rules and regulations of the institution in which they work. Detailed patient records must be kept. Therapists should coordinate with other team members to maintain a balanced case load and establish performance-improving strategies.

About Fit Mind Cleveland:

Established in 2010, Fit Mind Cleveland, LLC has helped countless individuals and families find a meaningful and fulfilled life. Staffed with Licensed Mental Health Professionals, we provide confidentiality and respect unique beliefs, values and life experiences.


Fit Mind Cleveland provides a safe and comfortable environment where individuals, couples and families can attend to their past and present experiences through self-reflection, insight and action. Therapy goals include finding and changing hidden patterns in behaviors, thoughts and feelings to enhance the level of productivity, effectiveness and meaningful activity desired in life.

To Apply:

Prefer resumes and references to be e-mailed to: Or by mail. Applications may be dropped off at the offices Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.