Fit Mind Cleveland

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Oscar Vajdich Meade, CTD (Certified Therapy Dog), Therapy Dog International. - Oscar had a rough start in life: he was found homeless in the city, very underweight, injured, and needing medical treatment. Luckily, he was brought by police officers to a shelter where he was given food, medical care, and a warm bed. Unfortunately, he was heartworm positive, but some nice ladies who rescue Labrador Retrievers (Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue) came and brought him to their smaller shelter so that he could rest in a quieter place and get treatment. Soon after that, he traveled to his foster home to recuperate further and met therapist Laura Vajdich and her husband Paul. He found out soon after arriving (minutes after) that he would be staying in his fur-ever home!

After Oscar had surgery to repair a torn ACL, he started his classes at K9 University in Bedford, Ohio so that he could take the Therapy Dog International test to become a Certified Therapy Dog. He received that in 2015, and started visiting residents of Judson Manor at University Circle soon after. He continues his duties there, while popping in to Fit Mind to hang out and get petting from time to time, or by request. He is very quiet and calm, except if there is food around-then he is wide awake! In his off-time, Oscar's favorite things to do are staring at people while they eat, carrying one of his stuffed buddies around in his mouth in case he needs to use them as a pillow, snoring, and snuggling on the couch with mom and dad.