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Phil Stryczny, MA, PC. - Phil Stryczny is a native Cleveland 'West-sider' who finished his career as a suburban firefighter/paramedic in 2011. His interest in the counseling profession was piqued through professional encounters in emergency response as well as through involvement with a variety of Christian churches.

Sensing an inward call to respond to more intrinsic human needs, Phil devoted his last decade of service to earning a Master's degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. He has a keen interest in helping coach people through life's challenges. His approach is typically eclectic drawing from the wealth of research, theories, and diversified approaches available to modern counseling, incorporating insights and techniques best suited to the client's particular needs.

Phil identifies particularly with the needs and struggles of adolescents and young adults, yet has empathic appreciation for all stages of life including the challenges of later life. Phil's education as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor provides the ability to counsel individuals and families in the area of faith and values. He is a strong advocate of marriage and a believer in premarital training, couples counseling, and facing adjustment issues in early marriage. Phil is well versed in the diversity of Christian experience having spent protracted time and study in both Protestant Christianity and Catholicism.